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For players new to the wheel, we have made available a comprehensive guide and complex that you will gain an overall impression on the game of roulette. You will better understand the rules, to determine when to bet and select versions of the game that will entertain you the most. Enjoy this special Welcome Bonus of 500% up to €500 on first 4 deposits yet to play longer and enjoy the quality of our wide range of games.

The game of Roulette consists of a gaming table that can accommodate up to eight players or more in some cases. In land casinos, other players who are not sitting at the table have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle and atmosphere that gives off this existing popular game.

In the game of online roulette, players can virtually sit at the roulette table to place their bet. Be careful though not to interact with other players because it is forbidden to associate with one player against the bank. Trade binary options online at
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Each player must play individually against the casino and has the same chance of gains or losses against the bank. There are different types of online roulette. There are American Roulette consists of 38 numbers with numbers from 1 to 36 and then a zero and double zero. European Roulette or English, for its part has only 37 numbers, the double zero was not present.

To bet on the game of roulette, you must first buy chips. The chips are different colors depending on the value of money it represents. This allows the dealer to assist in the calculation of earnings. Thus, players will have to place the chips in order to bet on the number he thought out. Once the pairs are made the dealer launches the ball and its breakpoint will determine the winning number.

You can place up to ten different bets in roulette game. Separating the set of all into two groups, inside bets and outside casino http://www.everestpokerde.net/ bets. A bet on an inside bet will be made on specific numbers or the intersection of certain numbers.

The exterior pairs will be done outside of the numbered part of the table. They are placed on groups or sections of numbers.  After a moment, the wheel stops rotating and the ball will land in a tick area on which a number is indicated.

The dealer will then indicate the winning number thanks to Dolly. In announcing the number, the dealer will then collect all losing bets and pay winning bets. To win at roulette, you can find some tips through the popular systems of existing strategies and guides.
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