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Bingo the game, is nothing but one of many names given to this simple game that lottery commonly known as bingo. This game has existed since time memorable and it is played on a single grid (especially in its version called keno) or more (nine in the classical case) depending on the version.

On which participants will have to randomly select a certain amount numbers. Next is the casino that takes numbers, the first player who matches a row, column, or a predetermined pattern, to win the right to shout "Bingo"!

It uses a jargon used in my favourite Playtech casino, is often relatively well especially curious, sometimes tinged with humor English. The term Bingo is a prime example. Every issue announced aloud, is a small friendly nickname originally sometimes curious or mysterious.

This can range from a romantic rhyme with the number 2 for example, "two" which rhymes with "Me and You". This will sometimes cultural reference with the number 7 identified by the nickname "Lucky for some" since it represents a chance in some cultures, or the last 22 nicknamed "Two little ducks" because of its graphic resemblance with the small duck is swimming.

You understood, Bingo online play is anything but complicate things. This is an excellent time to cool after a day may be difficult, or why not a little ray of sunshine in a poker room dark and smoky.

If a player sees that the card has the same issue, he scratched. If he manages to wipe all the numbers mentioned on the card, it means that he won the game, the number of rows or squares to complete depends on the type of fill pattern or "playing style" .

Similarly, the style of play results in a combination of numbers marked on each card. So when he wanted to develop and popularize bingo in the United States, Edwin Lowe sought the help of a mathematician to find as many number combinations possible, over 6000 were created .

The figures or numbers are announced quickly, forcing the player to pay attention and immediately mark on his map. When he fills his card or cardboard, which means that all numbers have been checked, he does know, crying aloud bingo.

Later, the new name would be more popular when the US drivers shouting "Bingo! "Having killed an enemy. Even today, bingo is one of the most played games in casinos around the world and especially in the bingo.
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