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Information of Slot Machines
In 1981, Pitt and Sittman developed the first gaming machine, where the values ??of the five disc poker hands. The unit did not have payment mechanism, so the awards were usually free drinks like products. The actual slot machine was the light of day, when "The Liberty Bell" was founded by Charles Fey in the basement. The beast was a heavy-duty, cast iron of the machine, weighing approx. 50 kg. Charles was not yet used fruit symbols, but the stars, horseshoes, poker cards etc. The Liberty Bell gave a 50-cent return, which was noted in those days.

The first Liberty Bell Liberty Bell dispensers were placed in the name of the salon, as well as Renolaiseen restaurant. These two places are still to this day the document on, Fey's designed slot machines. However, it took years before Fey's slot machine spread in the public consciousness. Next, Fey made ??"The Operator Bell" - a gaming machine , which was used for the first legendary fruit symbols, after which the slot machines rose wild popularity. As the popularity of the slots in the resistance began to increase, so Fey started to become equipment disguised to resemble other food, beverage, etc. Automat. This led to other auto industry opposition and the police did a spectacular attacks in order to remove slot machines from the streets that people often mistook mm. ordinary food automata.

The Bell-Fruit Company was the first company that started to mass produce fruit games. Also talked about the question. the company stole the idea of ??slot machines Feyltä. Mass Produced slot machine spit out cash winnings in addition to the interior of a round of BAR-names gum, which attempted to disguise the device associated with gambling. This got started wafer BAR symbol or sign of gum, which was used in the first machines. In 1909, slot machines were illegal in San Francisco, and a year later in Nevada. In 1911, the deniers were joined by California. Thirty-century was particularly fashionable to be anti-threat player, and many of the common machines were destroyed by the decision-makers in the "war" against slot machines. Those were dark times for the money machine industry.

In the 60's began to appear in the first electronic machines to replace old mechanical. New equipment was significantly reliable and more difficult to cheat. Devices appeared also new features such as electronic clocks and motorized kolikonsylkymekanismeja. Reforms of equipment became more and more popular in casinos. The 70's brought with it yet another upheaval with the devices connected to microchips and random arpomaan wafer symbols. In the past, "the one-armed bandit in" was the lever, but reforms are not necessarily, however, is no longer needed. Parts of the equipment, however, still to this day is a reminder of the lever "good old days". Use of microchips made devices cheaper and thus casinos were able to make better profits and a variety of slot machine types started to be countless types.
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