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The origin of Keno goes way back to antiquity and has survived until now where digital comes into play. Keno is especially loved by fans of the game of chance who want the chance to face. Thus, they implement the strategies they hope to thwart the chance. But as the game relies totally on luck, the effectiveness of these strategies is not as obvious as one thinks.

A welcome bonus up to € 1150 on your first 3 deposits. Loyalty Club with 5 levels giving you rewards range of the casino software - sophisticated, but easy to play. If you develop a strategy Keno, it would be that based on the rule will mean that more likely to save you. This is to retain in memory the numbers that are rarely out on the table. So what to do is to note the above results and from here, choose the numbers who go out less frequently.

This strategy is the reverse of the previous. Here you bet on the numbers that comes up most frequently. This is to collect gradually gains from these regular numbers or "stable".

Another trick is to play continuously consecutive numbers. That means a 20 following a 19 or 35 following a 34. Keno, it often turns out that the numbers follow consecutively, and use this trick does no harm. You can also play your numbers several times or until they are released. Though this may seem like a trivial blow risky, remember that Keno is totally dependent on your luck.

An important strategy Keno is also opting for outright several numbers. But it is difficult to achieve because it is not easy for the player to know the potential losses or gains that will be during the game are also advised to choose between seven and eight numbers. By this way it will be his chances of winning are maximized while he uses his money wisely.

The last strategy that we're talking about is to get away from casinos whose house advantage is too great. For when it is high, players will have very low earnings and play in this casino is irrelevant. However, note that in almost all online casinos, the house edge is often interesting and it does not affect the probability for the player to defeat.

If you are looking for a game of pure luck quick and easy, look no further, keno is for you! Simple and fun, Keno has its origin in an ancient Chinese lottery game. On most sites casino games online, paris Keno are € 1, € 2 or € 5. Each player receives a grid with squares numbered from 1 to 80.

You must then choose up to 10 numbers to bet on. Once launched paris, the Keno machine randomly selects 20 of the 80 digits of the grid. Gains depend on the amount wagered initially and the number of spaces that are on your grid and numbers that were drawn.
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