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Playing Roulette Game
Online roulette is certainly one of the casino games the most popular, if not the most popular! Very present in the imagination of players and even those who have never set foot in a casino, roulette is probably part of its success to the excitement generated when turning the wheel.

Time seems to suspend, until finally the famous ball to stop on a number and color. Note that these minimum and maximum are also variable depending on the types of pairs, split between "inside bets" and "outside bets". The maxima are therefore still lower on the "inside", because the payment rate is higher.

Also note that the earnings scale does not take into account your bet, you get back. Ex: if you put € 1 on a single number and you win, you win € 35x1, plus your token € 1 in return, or 36 €. First decision to make: choosing the right wheel. Yep, know already that there are several kinds.

The difference seems thin, but it directly affects your chances of winning: if European roulette has the famous 0 (green), the added a double 00. Is a box that makes you lose more. You will therefore understand: if you have the choice, prefer a European roulette at an American to play!

For your culture, know that there are also English roulette (and limited number of players each with their own color of chips), and Mexican Roulette (which adds a 000 triple compared to American roulette).

Note that the numbers are not randomly distributed on the wheel: the even and odd numbers and the colors are indeed arranged so as to mark a rotation (without being in order). The provision also varies between the  roulette.

Attention to the margin of the casino at roulette, always high. The casino pays on losing bets, and the fact that he pays 35 times your bet for a good bet on a single number while there are 37 slots. To "absorb" the best that margin, play on a busy table: you can enjoy more "spins" (wheel revolutions) per hour.

Note that if multiple tokens are already on the box you want to bet, it does not change, nor your gains or your odds of winning! Last advice: forget the betting systems, martingale type or another. None of them can never beat the so-called "house advantage" or the margin of the casino. But what are you going to paris available probably about to ask. And how can you win? Below you will find definitions of commonly recognized types of paris.
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