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Blackjack this is the most popular card game in the casino. People are attracted to her two things - simple rules and a high probability of winning. Rules of the game Blackjack in different casinos may differ, but not essential. For example, in a casino used six decks of cards, and the other - the only one. There may be slight differences between the rules of doubling and dividing rates, etc., but in general math game is that even in the worst case, the casino has the advantage of not more than 5%. This is confirmed by calculations. With the help of mathematical modeling of long ago developed the basic strategy of the game, which reduces the house edge to zero and even a slight advantage for the player.

If you play with skill, then you have a lot of chances in the long run to stay in the win. But really it suits casino owners? The basic strategy has more than 50 years, and casino owners are also well familiar with it. However, they do not let players use it in the game, and here's why. Firstly, the majority of visitors to the casino - not professionals and therefore are not familiar with any strategy at all. It is they who give the main casino profits. Secondly, even if you know very basic strategy, you can not always strictly follow it. It is very hard to resist the excitement and not do something silly. It is only by true professionals. Third, in order to attract casino customers are willing to make far greater costs than the losses they suffer from players, skillfully using basic strategy.

This flowering of Black Jack did not take place in France and in America. In the 17-18 century in the New World gambling was the most popular type of business. Numerous casinos compete fiercely with each other. To beat the competition, the owners of gambling houses were looking for new ways to attract customers. In those years, roulette and poker had great popularity, but it was necessary to invent something new. Remembered blackjack. His first received without enthusiasm. Then the casino owners began to introduce new rules to the game. For example, if a player got two ace of spades (blackjack possible, because for games use multiple decks of cards at once), he wins a bonus of $ 1000 - a fortune in those days.

For the rest, there is no difference. But the online version allows you to use while playing basic strategy table, which gives advice to the players, how to act in various situations, and even special programs-advisers. None of live casinos will not let you use such tables and programs.And more. Playing blackjack online, you may qualify for multiple casino bonuses and promotions. This sign-up bonus, and a bonus on your first deposit and reload bonuses + various systems of loyalty to the players who are very popular in all the major casinos of the Internet and which in itself can bring considerable income gamblers.
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